Rp 250.000

Portable EMS TENS mini massager to improve your work-life balance. 10 modes variation of massage and 20 intensities level power of massage.

Improve your Work-Life Balance

  • EMS TENS Technology
  • Relieve fatique, relaxing, streamline blood circulation and train nerves.

Mini Portable EMS TENS Massagerfor your health and work-life balance anywhere and anytime

The New Era of Massager Device

Within your tight activities and high mobilities, this device will help you to fulfill your needs to improve your work-life balance that makes you perform better.

Stay Healthy and Well Performed

International certified ISO and IP22, safe to use for human’s part of bodies using high quality electrode gel that we provide the electrode gel replacement as well. Easy to use and feel relax anywhere and anytime

Replaceable and Washable Electrode Gel

If the stickiness of the electrode gel getting weaken, you can clean it if it is dirty and replace it with the new one if it is cannot be used anymore.

1 Remote Controller for up to 10 Devices

With the integration system, you can control up to 10 devices at the same time with 1 remote controller.

Auto Disconnected Feature

Automatically shut down after 15 minutes used and you can turn it on again for further usage.

Your Daily Partner Technology

Qlik will be your daily partner technology that improve your performance, effectiveness and efficiencies.

Suitable usage at office.

Suitable usage at home.

Suitable usage while yoga.

  • Easy to Use with remote controller.Compact and Wireless.
  • Re-chargeable with built in battery.
  • 10 modes variation of massage and 20 levels intensities of massage power.
  • Auto disconnected feature.
  • LED indicator.
  • ISO and IP22 International certification.

Package Contents:
Qlik Mini Massager Device, Gel Pad, Remote Controller, Micro-USB cable, Travel Pouch, Warranty
Card and Manual Book.


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