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We are a tech developer corporate who provide high-tech, simple, effective and efficient products in order to give human well-being, work-life balance and also for businesses or corporate effectiveness and efficiencies as their daily partner technology. An Innovative product should be invented according to the fast growth technologies development and we will take you to the next level of daily technology world.

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Our Story

Established since 2019, Daily Indo Technology with brand Qlik start to fulfill customer’s needs and wants in terms of daily technology, despite of running in B2C (Business to Consumer), we operate in B2B (Business to Business) as well. We co-operate with many manufacturers and partners from overseas countries to create high quality tech-products with affordable price.

Our Missions

  1. To enable individual, businesses and corporate throughout innovative technologies to improve their potential, human well-being, work-life balance, effectiveness and efficiencies as their daily partner technology.
  2. Bring the new era and the next level of innovation products with high quality, good services at affordable price.
  3. Provide a convenience, useful, easy to operate, compact and portable products to the market.
  4. Maintain the relationship both with partners and customers.
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