Qlik 145 Watt Smart Quick Charger

The build quality of the product is good, it can charge my Samsung SFC 25 Watt, Nintendo Switch
Lite and Powerbank PD 30 Watt quickly at the same time. Overall Very Good!

Aryogi Subratanto / Tokopedia

Qlik 145 Watt Smart Quick Charger

It very usefull for me who work by using 2 laptops at the same time. Tested directly charge macbook
pro 13 inch + asus vivobook + iphone 11 pro + Android phone or Airpods at the same time properly
and no issues at all. Huge Output Wattage for all of my gadgets

Alfonz / Tokopedia

Qlik Portable Mini Massager

Seller is very responsive, competitive price and the build quality is good, I used at my body guided by
acupuncture points for relaxing, relieves muscle stress and make my blood circulation more fluent

Apsy / Tokopedia